Clinician Led

The AHS was co-created by clinical leads in Gastroenterology from King's College Hospital Bart's Hosptial NHSFT and Ampersand.

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Economic Costs

Chronic condition management equates to 70% of the NHS budget expenditure, start saving now.

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IG Compliant

All AHS solutions are IG compliant and have been through the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) at King’s College Hospital, meeting NHS standards.

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The Ampersand HealthSuite (AHS) is the first multi long-term condition management solution designed by clinicians and patient groups, for patients who suffer from any long term disease.

The AHS is a PROMs platform, spread across a multitude of LTCs that allows patients to self report their condition on a frequent basis, using a mobile application, and gives their personal clinician access to that information to allow early intervention and reduce work-up time in advance of appointments. The solution also provides medication reminders, signposting and sharing patient records. In addition to a mobile offering for patients, the solution consists of a SaaS platform for clinicians and administrators to manage content via a cloud-based dashboard.

Increased Patient Control

Decrease in the Number of Hospital Visits

Improved Patient Outcomes and Experience

Reduction in Appointment Workup Time