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15 million people in England suffer from a chronic condition. Furthermore, The number of people with three or more long-term conditions is predicted to rise from 1.9 million people in 2008 to 2.9 million in 2018. And with the growing number of people suffering from these conditions, the pressure grows for health care providers to provide long-term solutions to meet this increase in demand.

To treat chronic diseases, clinicians need to understand how their patient is feeling and how they are responding to the current medication and treatment being implemented. Unfortunately, this process is not done as intrinsically as needed to provide an actual month by month solution for the patient. PROMs data is the minimum requirement needed by clinicians to make evidence-based decisions and currently, the frequency of this data capture is only bi-annual, creating a deficit in data. This leaves a large gap in between treatment, allowing the condition to worsen into more serious symptoms such as strictures, perforations and fistulas. Additionally, this can result in the patient being admitted to hospital - which adds pressure onto the already fragile budget of the NHS.

Given that £7 in £10 is spent on treating long-term conditions within the NHS, managing conditions on a much more granular basis would offer opportunity for improvements to care pathways, patient experience and most of all, patient outcomes. Ampersand Health Suite is a SaaS-based suite of chronic care management, co-created by Ampersand and Ampersand and leading clinicians in the NHS.

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A clinical dashboard is a key feature of IBD Care. It provides clinicians with PROMs and PREMs data in graphs, allowing HCP's to make evidence-based decisions.


The patient app has a 4-digit pin code built into the interface. Every time a patient closes the app they must log back in through their unforgettable 4-digit passcode.


Medicine and appointment reminders allow patients to never miss an appointment again.


Patients can email their clinicians their medical summary through the primary dashboard within the app, which is done securely through encryption.


The ``my symptoms`` feature includes a PROMs and PREMs survey. This is a crucial part of the solution as clinicians can measure patient outcomes and experiences over time.


This provides the patient with a hub of information about the hospital. This includes maps of the hospital, contact details and department information.


If a patient is having an emergency, they can now send an urgent message to their IBD team directly, where the clinician can respond quickly with an appointment.


By having a 360° of a patients history, it allows a clinician to have a greater understanding of what medication the patient is currently taking for other conditions.

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The app is compatible with iOS 9+ and is available on the app store. New features and releases will happen frequently as Ampersand updates the app to meet the demands of an increasingly digital NHS.


Clincians and administrators have access to a secure cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) which serves as a Content Management System. Patient data is layed out in a dashboard that that gives insights into individual and overall patient outcomes against specific care pathways.

The app is compatible with Android 6+ and is available on Google Play. New features and releases will happen frequently as Ampersand updates the app to meet the demands of an increasingly digital NHS.