Economic Costs


% Time Saved


£ saved per patient against needless appointments


£ Opportunity Cost Per Patient

From 2016 – 2017, 116,598 out of 131,060 beds were occupied over night by patients. estimates it costs a minimum of £400 per day, per patient. From using our software this helps prevent bed days from exposing patient health status, allowing clinicians to pre-emptively make evidence-based decisions and reduce the chances of unexpected over night admissions.

Paper-based PROMs & PREMs surveys cost the NHS £6 per patient, per survey, every 6 months. The problem with this is that the frequency of capturing PROMs & PREMs data is it’s expensive generate data as frequently as its needed. This means that if you were to capture data efficiently at 56 weeks a year this would cost the NHS £336 per patient. Our software is designed around capturing this data at a minimum of 56 weeks a year but without the growing costs. Saving you money for every byte of data generated.

Missed appointments cost the NHS around £1bn a year. One of the key features in all of our software is appointment bookings, and appointment reminders. This also included medication reminders that comes at a cost of £300 million a year to the NHS when medication was wasted and not consumed


It all adds up. The Kings fund reported that NHS providers and commissioners ended 2015/16 with an aggregate deficit of £1.85 billion (unaudited), a threefold increase on the previous year. This is the largest aggregate deficit in NHS history. CCGs need data to budget accurately, efficiency is needed within the current system, and synergy between clinicians and nurses is required for greater patient experience.

The fact of the matter is that money is being wasted, as well as time and other resources. The clinicians that co-created the software understand this and want to become more efficient in these areas. Our solutions are a proven positive ROI.

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