IG and Privacy

We meet industry standards set by the NHS, ensuring your data is protected.

What is Information Governance?

“Information Governance is to do with the way organisations ‘process’ or handle information. It covers personal information, ie that relating to patients/service users and employees, and corporate information, eg financial and accounting records.

Information Governance provides a way for employees to deal consistently with the many different rules about how information is handled.”

How are our products IG Compliant?

Our solutions are co-created with lead NHS clinicians, for the NHS. We had to follow strict IG compliance and fill in Privacy Impact Assessments that had to be approved by the IG department at each of the Trusts we worked with.

What is the code of practice on confidential information?

We take the NHS code of practice on confidential information very seriously. We follow the steps,  procedures and best practice to ensure the confidentiality and security of health and care information and records.

What other measures are in place to protect patient data and confidentiality?

Information governance is the guidelines set by the NHS. However, it is the role of the Caldecott Guardians to analyse how secure well protected the software is. In other words, “a Caldecott Guardian is a senior person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of peoples health and care information and making sure it used properly.” Gov.uk