Live a happier,healthier lifewith Crohn's or Colitis

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What is My IBD Care?

My IBD Care is a clinically-approved app that helps people with Crohn’s and Colitis live happier, healthier lives.

Get access to expert-led, IBD-specific lifestyle courses focused on improving your sleep, managing your stress, building good medication habits and even your "Life in lockdown". The wellbeing programmes have been produced by gastroenterologists, psychologists, pharmacists and behavioural scientists from the NHS and beyond. They are designed to be used by any patient, anywhere in the world and do not require any hospital integration.

*Courses about food choices and staying active are coming soon.

My IBD Care helps Crohn's or Colitis patients to...

Stay on top
of your condition

Maintain your personal health record, get guidance and support, and set up reminders for your appointments and medications.

Boost your wellbeing
& reduce stress

Learn how to look after yourself better, to help you move towards your goals and values in life and flourish in your own unique way.

Improve your sleep quality

Understand how sleep works, how it’s related to your condition, and share proven tools and techniques that may help improve your quality of sleep. Practiced correctly, sleep can be your superpower!

Build better medication habits

Build up habits that give you control over your condition and an opportunity to thrive! The simple act of taking your medications as prescribed can improve your life.

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What other patients are saying about us...


Patient, Ulcerative Colitis

"Daily tracking how you're feeling, how you're eating, your stress levels, gives a certain amount of confidence that someone at the hospital is monitoring how you’re doing without you having to go into the hospital every two months. I feel that there is an invisible person being a safety net for me. Should my condition deteriorate there is someone watching and they will catch it before it deteriorates too badly."


Patient, Ulcerative Colitis

"I love this app. Great information and support plus somewhere for me to track my UC and keep a diary of symptoms/treatments/side effects/appointments/medication. It tracks my mood and symptoms so that I'm able to see patterns etc. Couldn't be without it as there is so much to remember, especially when attending appointments and updating my consultant/IBD Nurse."


Patient, Crohn's Disease

"The app has been vital in helping me with my crohn’s. It really helps me manage my medication and my general well being. Highly recommend."


Patient, Microscopic Colitis

"This is a great app!! Have been using the app for a month and it’s been a game changer. A holistic digital approach that connects me to my hospital, coaches me on activities, and allows me to track my symptoms"


Patient, Crohn's Disease

"This app has definitely changed how I think about managing my condition. It’s a tool that helps to really monitor and analysis trends in how I am feeling to ensure I get the support and care I need before anything major happens.
It really is a comfort to know that my results are being seen by my IBD team and it isn’t just a robot, it also allows you to have more freedom to ensure you don’t have any pointless trips to the hospital.
Plus you keep up to date with useful news stories of what is happening in the community."

Definitely an app to have and use if you suffer from Crohn’s or Colitis.

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