Co-creation in Digital Healthcare

An IBD Story

“We wanted to pioneer a health service that would modernise data capture while improving patient-staff relationship and engagement”

Bu Hayee

Lead for Gastroenterology at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Gareth Parkes

Consultant in Gastroenterology at Barts Health NHS Trust

Bu puts patient-centred care, patient involvement and non-invasive testing at the core of his work to minimise health care costs and the burden on patients. He recognised that mobile can bring about patient engagement and can help reduce NHS inefficiencies.

Bu is confident of the model and its outcomes and hopes he can prove improvements to eventually roll out the model to other NHS Trusts (currently will happen with 18 Trusts).

Gareth is passionate about the benefits technology can offer patients with chronic conditions. Together with Bu he wanted to use technology to tackle the challenges Gastroenterology clinicians, departments and patients face.

Gareth recognises the benefits of a mobile solution as a companion for patients throughout their treatment journey alongside a layer of data capture for more efficient and evidence-based decision for clinicians.

Gareth and Bu are currently demonstrating IBD Care through
roadshows, peer advocacy and recommending patients to uptake the solution.

Co-creation in Digital Healthcare

An Ampersand Story

Health app developers in the UK


Awards in innovation and efficiency


passionate team of professionals

Ampersand & Ampersand is a multi-award winning social impact business, focused on digital R&D in health and life sciences. Key clients include the NHS, high growth medtech businesses and top 20 pharma companies.

Recently ranked #1 globally in mHealth R&D, Ampersand promotes multi-stakeholder co-creation as the most effective way to ensure the clinical relevance and patient adoption of new digital services. The company's offering spans concept development, architecture, service/user experience design, data management, creative services and software development; and relies on deep domain knowledge and a strong network of experts and influencers in AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

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