Developing effectiveand efficient techniquesfor managingLong-Term Conditions


We’re a multi-award winning social enterprise, developing the first scientifically validated digital therapeutic for inflammatory conditions. We are committed to value-based collaborations with clinicians, patients and the industry to achieve better health outcomes. Our team comprises leading clinicians from globally recognised hospitals in the UK and patients and patient groups are the heart of what we do. Collaborative research, in-depth analysis and evidence-based decisions drive all of our work. We believe we are a part of a thriving ecosystem addressing the biggest challenges to public health.

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Investors and advisors

Iva Fattorini

Clinical Steering Committee

John Spearman


Dr. Jahan Mahmoodi

Clinical Steering Committee

Dr. James Galloway

Clinical Steering Committee

Jake Niarchos


Our family

Our Family

Aahuti Rai

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Ana Ibarra

IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist

Christine Sammes

Finance Director

David Carter

Head of Service Delivery

Dr. Bu' Hayee

Clinical Co-founder

Dr. Gareth Parkes

Clinical Co-founder

George Caravia

Quality Assurance

Jeremy Andrews

Associate Director, Healthcare Partnerships

Kishan Wadhia

UX & Design Lead

Mark Duman

Chief Patient Officer

Meichele Lehous

Head of Talent

Nader Alaghband

Founder & CEO

Oliver Miles

Behavioural Scientist

Rachel Moran

Behavioural Scientist

Rawane Jabara

Marketing Manager

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