Clinician-led, patient designedself management tool

An effective route to improving patients' lives and reducing health care utilisation.

Healthsuite For Clinicians

A practical digital solution to help more patients, more efficiently.

Research shows that self-management is an effective way to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Ampersand HealthSuite helps patients avoid unplanned care by facilitating pre-clinical interventions and giving them a convenient digital touchpoint for their interactions with the hospital team.

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Unique features for Clinicians...

A tool to keep track of each patient's health status more effectively.

Reduce out of hours A&E visits

Save up to 5 minutes work up time

See up to 75% more patients

Secure mobile and web access

IG, IT and GDPR Compliant

Benefits for Patients, Hospitals and Clinicians

Reduced Outpatient Appointments

Our clinical team has over half a century of experience in helping patients address their health issues. We work with clinical leads across healthcare to provide a holistic and evidence based approach.

Efficient Work Up Times

PROM data is accessible in real time through our cloud-based patient management portal; this increases data accuracy as it helps you keep a tab on a patient’s condition between appointments.

Easy to Get Started

Our experience with IG and IM&T scrutiny can help you deal with approvals easily. Useful content and expertise will be provided through your application process. Additionally, we support your business case with evidence from other sites and studies performed using our platform.

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